The Best Trimmers For Men:(Available On Amazon.In).

There are so many Brands competing in The Trimmer section market that, it’s difficult to find a Trimmer that will last for more than 2 years at least and have Great Durability, is Worth Our Money, can Trim Accurately, and Will Not Lose Its Sharpness over the years.

So at StyleCo91 we researched it for you and made a Top 5 Best Trimmers For Men which is even available on So that you won’t get Confused and Confidently choose from our List Of Top 5.

Philips Multi Grooming Kit.

Philips is a High-Profile Brand known for its Trimmers which Really Last Long and their Trim Accuracy is really on point as well as their Sharpness of the Blades do Not Really Get Affected over 2 years and it’s really worth it.

This model of Philips trimmer is All In One for You, as it’s got all the Attachments with it. It’s an all-around Body Hair and Face trimmer. It’s made from Quality Materials, it’s Really Durable, its Trim Accuracy is on point and its Self Sharping Blades are the ones that will not lose their Sharpness for at least 4 to 5 years Down The Road.

It’s really Travel Friendly it has got more than 1.5 Hours of Trimming Run Time. It has its own Adapt Sensor so it basically automatically identifies the type of hair density and gives you that precious cut. Even its Blades don’t get warm/hot when using it for Longer periods of time.

Its main drawback is that it’s Not IPX certified, it’s not waterproof so you can’t use it in the Shower.

Vega SmartOne Series S2 Trimmer.

Vega is a well-known brand in Grooming Products. Its newly launched trimmer section is an interesting addition to its list of expanding range of products.

Vega trimmers are really Adaptive as Per Your Beard. It has 3 modes for your different beard and hair types like they have a Regular mode for a normal beard/hair, a Pro mode for thick beard/hair, and a Max mode for a dense beard/hair.

It’s really great at its Blades too because it has Titanium Blades so that its blade doesn’t get hot/warm when you are using them for longer time periods. It’s a Lightweight Trimmer because of its Build Quality.

MI Xiaomi Trimmer.

Xiaomi is in after capturing the smartphone market, they are Aiming to Capture the Trimmer Market as well. Their trimmer is very well equipped with all the Bells and Whistles but they had Cut Down on things that are very much important for a Trimmer.

Their trimmer has an LED display to show a Battery Percentage which is really a great plus cause it Looks Futuristic. They have a very Innovative Design so it’s much more light in weight and it’s really good to hold on to. They have Self Sharping blades but they are Made From Steel so they will get warm/hot whenever using it for a longer period of time.

They have a USB type C Charging so it’s very much easier for us to charge the trimmer from our Smart Phone Charger. Their Trimmer is Waterproof so it’s fine to use it in the shower. But they are Lacking Behind on Some Features like Titanium blades, Fast charging, and a Durable Product.

Syska Trimmer.

Syska is a competing player in the Trimmer Segment for years and their Trimmers are the Best For The Price that they ask for. The Syska trimmer is best when it comes to Quality and Durability. It’s even Water Resistant so you can go to shower with this one.

Syska is best known for its Quality Trimmer and it shows here. It has Self-Sharping Blades so it’s really good for the Durability of the Trimmer. It has stainless steel blades so it can get warm/hot when used for long periods of Trimming sessions.

Bombay Shaving Landscaper 2.0 Trimmer.

Bombay shaving company has just kicked off with their trimmer which is Really Great for your overall body trimming. It really looks great and has a Premium Build.

It has its own Charging Dock where you place your trimmer and it Really Looks Premium. It has a Unique Feature where it has a small LED light so when the lighting conditions are not that great that LED really helps. It has an LED display to show the Battery Percentage.

Its Blades Are Made From Ceramic so it’s really précised in cuts. Its Blades are Self Sharping so a plus point for durability. It’s a Lightweight Trimmer so you can take it with you as you travel.

We dought on its Battery Performance will it hold so many chargers after 2 or 3 years that’s an issue and after-sales service if you need any. So if you are okay with These Drawbacks then it’s a great product for you.


So these are the Top 5 Best Trimmers For Men which are available on As per our Ranking, we would rank them as follows :


  • 1. Philips
  • 2. Vega
  • 3. Syska
  • 4. Bombay shaving company
  • 5. Xiaomi.

Thank you so much for your time.

If you know anyone looking for the Best trimmers just share this article with them and comment down below if we have missed out on the Best Trimmer.

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