Finding The Best Running Shoes For 1500 Indian Rupees.

In this cluttered market of Running shoes, it’s very much difficult to find a running shoe that is Affordable, Good Quality, Are Branded, and the main point is Durability.

In the Price Range of 1500 or less, there are very less options in the Running shoe category which are durable, made of Good Quality, have a Brand Name, and are Worth Your Money.

So as per our Research at StyleCo91, we bring you the Top 5 Best Running Shoes Under Rupees 1500 which are really Worth your Money, made from the Best Quality, and with well-known brands.

Reebok Energy Runner LP Running Shoes.

As we know Reebok is a great recognized brand all over the world for its Sports Accessories which are made from Quality Materials and are Durable in fact. Reebok is a pretty Underrated Brand when it comes to its Running shoes category, but they are Really worth it.

In this Reebok running shoe, you will find Comfort in your Gym and Cardio sessions. It’s quite stylish when it comes to pairing it with a gym outfit and its Grip is really good for your Regular cardio and Gym sessions. It’s not made for Longer runs, where you run every day around 10km then it’s not worth it for you.

Its price defers around 1300 to 1550 Rupees and for that Price point, it’s a great buy for a Casual person who does Regular workouts and Medium cardio sessions every week.

Adidas Drogo M Running Shoes.

Adidas is a leading brand in the World when it comes to making Athletic-based shoes that are Really Perfect and even all the high-profile Athletes in this world prefer sports shoes which are made from Adidas. In this Adidas entry-level shoe, you will find All the Factors from a Running Shoe Checked.

Whether it may be its Comfort for this price, its Durability, its Brand Name, its Grip, and its Style it’s Really Worth it. You can go with them for sort of Medium to Longer Runs as well but not run a Marathon with it. It’s great for High-intensity Cardio sessions and great for the Gym as its Cushion is Really good. You can run up to 10 km Every day with this one.

Its Price is around 1550 and sometimes 1600 Rupees, but it’s a great buy for this price point.

Campus Mens Terminator (N) Running Shoes.

The Campus is an Emerging Sports Brand. Its Aim is to give a Quality product to its customer being really affordable. Campus running shoes are Really Good especially when you have a good budget of over 1000 Rupees. This campus shoe is all about its Unique style Definition and its Overall Comfort for the price is up to the mark.

It’s great for Everyday gym workouts and Medium-intensity cardio workouts. It’s good for Short runs as well, you can run up to 5km daily with this shoe and it’s Durability is also good, its Style is a Unique Factor. Its grip is not that firm but it sort of gives you an Average Grip.

Its price defers around 1350 to 1500 Rupees and it’s a Good Buy.

Sparx Sx0687g Running Shoe.

Sparx is a well-known brand recognized for its Durable Scandals and its Great quality for the price and worth of money. The same goes for this Sx0687g running shoe. It’s Quite Comfortable and it’s really made from Quality Materials.

It’s a great shoe for your Regular gym workouts and Medium-intensity cardio sessions. It’s even good for runs every day up to 10km and it’s a great buy for this Price Point. Its Comfort is also good and its Grip is Fine too no worry’s about that.

Its price is around 1350 to 1400 Rupees and it’s a Good buy.

Puma Men Trenzo II IDP Sneakers.

Puma is a Global Emerging Brand in the sports section and it Reflects in their Running shoe. The way they set apart their products from Other brands. Their Style and Comfort is their Unique Factor for the Price point.

In this Puma running shoe, you will find its Soles to be softer than the rest of the Four mentioned about.

Its Comfort is Really Good for your everyday gym sessions and High-intensity cardio. You can run up to 10km every day with this one and they won’t disappoint you. Its Durability is an issue, they will last hardly for a year or so if you just do a High-intensity workout with them.

Its price defers around 1500 to 1600 Rupees and it’s a Good Buy if it Checks the above Factors for you.


So these are the Top 5 Running Shoes Under Rupees 1500, as per our Ranking we would rank them as follows:

  • 1.     Adidas
  • 2.     Campus
  • 3.     Reebok
  • 4.     Sparx
  • 5.     Puma

Thank you so much for your precious time. Do share this article with those who need Running shoes and are on a tight budget of around 1500 Rupees.

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