Coronary heart House Meditation (Hridayakasha Dharana): A Method to Harmonize Feelings

In Sanskrit, ‘hridaya’ means coronary heart, and ‘akasha’ means area. Subsequently, Hridayakasha Dharana is translated as a way to focus or think about the guts area. In observe, area additionally represents a area, and Dharana is a stage of meditation the place intensive attuning of consciousness happens. This method includes getting our consciousness attuned to the sector of feelings and deeper emotional impressions.

You could discover this observe easy or advanced, simple or tough – it will depend on the depth of feeling you generate, as this dharana particularly offers with the depth of feeling. Whereas training, be sure that the depth of feeling doesn’t alter your psychological notion. This sort of meditation can simply evoke excessive feelings, so it’s extremely beneficial to observe Hridayakasha Dharana underneath the supervision of a professional trainer.

The psychotherapeutic side of meditation aligns with Hridayakasha Dharana, permitting suppressed and blocked impressions to floor. Sure phases of the observe maintain immense psychotherapeutic significance and advantages. This Dharana observe straight engages with one’s emotions and feelings, specializing in producing intense emotions and witnessing their manifestations in Hridayakasha.

Tips for Training Hridayakasha Dharana

When one feels a swelling of feelings, keep away from attempting to manage it; as an alternative, attempt to witness the reactions and associations with a particular feeling or emotion. The main focus is to develop consciousness and expertise the sentiments with out transferring into the evaluation of them. Through the observe, by guided directions, practitioners intensify after which witness their emotions. Key factors of the observe are to entry, acknowledge, and witness the affiliation with current or created emotions within the meditative state.

On this means of Dharana, there’s energetic engagement with the spectrum of emotions, and on the identical time, there’s the observe of witnessing consciousness of interior reactions and experiences. Any effort to suppress emotions is discouraged; fairly, by systematic steering, practitioners are skilled to even witness their most difficult feelings and emotions with management.

Phases of Hridayakasha Dharana

Following are the important thing phases of Hridayakasha Dharana:

1. Present feeling and flame

On this specific stage, one is guided to acknowledge one’s current nervousness, temper, happiness, pleasure, contentment, peace, silence, and so forth., or no matter is current at this second. Behind the present feeling, see the flame or level of sunshine symbolizing the seat of the soul. Determine with that seat or picture of the flame as your being, which is everlasting and everlasting amidst modifications.

2. Color of the sensation

Concentrate on seeing the spontaneous colour being manifested on the time of observing the sensation. Primarily hold the attention in Hridayakasha (Coronary heart House) whereas watching the sensation and see the area saturated with any spontaneous colour at the moment.

3. Creating the sensation

On this stage, you create one feeling after which intensify that have. It prepares the attention to take care of the response or depth of the sensation. The reactions produced generally could affiliate with a very completely different expertise and may take one other type of feeling. Subsequently, one is consistently guided to look at the expressions with indifferent consciousness. These reactions are a part of reminiscence activation.

4. Reminiscence enacting

On this specific stage, we deliver out the older reminiscences that had impressions created in childhood. Through the stage, we dissect after which watch the spectrum of associations with a specific occasion, particular person, state of affairs, place, and expertise. Whereas going by the stage, we watch the kid and its affiliation and reactions with all these conditions and the resultant affect on him/her. Secondly, how that’s related at current in Hridayakasha, i.e., the current repercussions.

This stage helps in resolving the impressions (samskaras) related to one’s experiences of childhood. Whereas observing the previous reminiscences from childhood, one is suggested to go to one’s previous as a customer. As a indifferent customer, one observes all the main points referring to experiences of 1’s childhood however with out analytical judgment. And if sure feelings or emotions relating to at least one’s previous are skilled throughout that second, then one is inspired to acknowledge the presence of reactive impressions with non-reactive consciousness.


Within the journey of Coronary heart House Meditation, or Hridayakasha Dharana, we delve into the profound connection between the guts and area. Transcending mere translation, this method beckons us to give attention to the coronary heart chakra, the place feelings and impressions unfold in a area of consciousness.

Whether or not simplicity or complexity colours your expertise will depend on the depth of feelings evoked. This dharana, a information to emotional depth, calls for cautious observe. Undertake this transformative meditation underneath the steering of an skilled trainer, because it navigates the fragile terrain of maximum feelings.

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