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A variety of authors are emphasizing most cardio oxygen consumption (VO2max) as being vital for wholesome ageing, so I assumed I’d look into testing it. It’s costly to have carried out professionally, however there are a number of self-tests accessible. I wished a biking one, and remembered there was one within the e book Aerobics Program For Complete Properly-Being written by Dr. Kenneth Cooper (usually referred to as the “father of aerobics”) again in 1982, nonetheless accessible. Dr. Cooper turned 93 this yr and is himself commercial for wholesome ageing. He developed a 12 minute aerobics check for working initially, however on this e book additionally gave tables for swimming and biking.

Dr Cooper used knowledge from numerous topics of varied ages to correlate the outcomes of those assessments to V02max. You may as well simply examine your outcomes on the assessments to his tables, which have classes “very poor” by way of “wonderful”. Sadly, the info stops on the “60+” class, however by plotting the outcomes and extrapolating, I estimated that to be within the wonderful class for biking at 70+, males have to attain a distance of larger than 3.5 miles in 12 minutes (equal to common pace of over 17.5 mph). For those who don’t have the e book, the biking outcomes are additionally right here and likewise proven beneath.

So I created a close-by flat loop, which is now on Strava as “Cooper TT North” (it’s a bit north of Morgan Hill, between Hale and Dougherty avenues), proven right here. I did this as a part of my experience yesterday morning, and coated the three.89 mile loop in 13:14, for a median pace of 17.63 mph, which is equal to masking 3.5 miles in 11.9 minutes). So based mostly on my estimate, I’m within the wonderful class for age 70+ (and in the midst of the “good” class for 60+). That feels fairly good!

Dr, Cooper didn’t specify bike place in his e book, however aerobars weren’t extensively accessible within the early 80s, so I figured my higher-speed arrange on my recumbent, with a extremely reclined seat (a minimum of as aero as an upright time trial bike with aerobars), may be dishonest a bit in comparison with the info within the assessments. So I used low rolling resistance tires however the extra upright “touring” seating place of my bike. I’ll repeat this check about as soon as a month and hopefully have the ability to enhance for some time, and a minimum of maintain my outcomes from degrading too shortly over time.

Listed below are the tables for the Cooper bike check:



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